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Online Chocolate Classes

Popularity ranking in category Cooking, Food & Wine (207 items): 114
Popularity ranking in subcategory General (13 items): 5
Gravity ranking in category Cooking, Food & Wine (207 items): 108
Gravity ranking in subcategory General (13 items): 6

Popularity Ranking in Cooking, Food & Wine
Popularity Ranking in General
Gravity Ranking in Cooking, Food & Wine
Gravity Ranking in General
Gravity Performance Tracking
Earnings Trends

Product Title:Chocolate University Online
Product Description:Take Your Love Of Chocolate To The Next Level... At Chocolate University Online Our " Taste And Understand " Training Formula Guides You With 40 Exceptional Weekly Lessons Helping You Learn All About Your Favorite Food In The Relaxed Setting Of Your Home.
Category:Cooking, Food & Wine
Avg $/sale:$42.59
Initial $/sale:$8.72
Avg %/rebill:50%
Activate Date:2008-10-31
Google PageRank:2
Google Link:0
Alexa Rank:1031600
Alexa Local Rank:551050 (United States)
Alexa Link:84
Tags:Dog Ate Chocolate,Chocolate Online,Who Ate My Chocolate?,Dog Ate Chocolate Ice Cream,Ate My Chocklet,Chocolate Expert,Who Invented The Molten Chocolate Cake,Only Us State That Grows Cacao Beans,Chocolate Games Online,
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Chocolate University Online
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