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Welcome to InteliGator - Perform Instant Background Checks with InteliGator

Popularity ranking in category Software & Services (738 items): 5
Popularity ranking in subcategory Background Investigations (33 items): 2
Gravity ranking in category Software & Services (738 items): 2
Gravity ranking in subcategory Background Investigations (33 items): 1

Popularity Ranking in Software & Services
Popularity Ranking in Background Investigations
Gravity Ranking in Software & Services
Gravity Ranking in Background Investigations
Gravity Performance Tracking
Earnings Trends

Product Title:Inteligator - Online Investigations
Product Description:Promote The Only Recurring Detective Website On CB - Make Money For Up To 99 Months!
Category:Software & Services
Subcategory:Background Investigations
Avg $/sale:$140.92
Initial $/sale:$4.3
Avg %/rebill:73%
Activate Date:2008-08-07
Google PageRank:4
Google Link:0
Alexa Rank:59369
Alexa Local Rank:18474 (United States)
Alexa Link:251
Tags:Online Background Checks,Criminal Record Search,Online Background Check,Reverse Phone Call,"nationwide Criminal Records Check",Criminal Background Check,Background Check,Background Check Companies,Online Investigations,
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